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Q: Which permits are needed for a construction project?

A: The building inspection department, office of planning and zoning, or department of permits in your community will have a list of permits and inspections related to building and zoning codes for new construction or remodeling.


Q: Can I make a change to the project once work has begun?

A: It depends on the type of change and when the request occurs, but typically you can do this. Please note that such changes can greatly impact the cost.

After completing his engineering degree, Kurtis continued to grow and expand the company. As time went on, more and more equipment was purchased and stored out at his grandparents acreage. Eykes then began taking on commercial snow removal work. Over the years we have continued to provide top quality, safe and efficient work and that has allowed us to take on more contracts and gain the trust of numerous clients. 

Eykes Bobcat Services is continuously growing and expanding, so adding summer maintenance was an easy addition to our list of services. This helped keep our workers busy with more reliable hours and allowed us to get our name out there. We have grown and now are taking on larger projects for landscaping, summer maintenance and snow removal for both residential and commercial customers. It has truly been a fun and exciting journey to get to where we are today so we would like to thank all of our employees, families, friends and community for making this all happen.